Plant your seed, my friend.

Let it grow, to tree and forest.

Let it drift, with sea and wind.

Let the tides take it and craft it and sculpt it.

Let it bring peace and beauty to distant shores.

In the endless waves of the vast world,

Be driftwood, my friend.

Driftwood’s Company Philosophy

Driftwood Holdings Ltd., a Hospitality holding company, was formed for the specific purpose of building and managing Safari and Island Lodges throughout Africa and select locations in the world – under three newly created lodge brands, which are specifically designed to deliver the ultimate experience to the market that demands them.

Ultimate Luxury


Complete Exclusivity

The brands each bring with them their own unique product marketed to the guest, under a franchise agreement, through one of the world’s biggest hotel groups, Marriott International.

With Marriott International showing their strong interest for our projects in Africa, it is important to highlight what that brings to our worldwide reach and how this will impact what we are able to achieve.

Marriott is the world’s leading travel company and boasts unquestionably the most expansive portfolio of brands and most comprehensive global footprint of any travel company. Even with 7700+ properties in its portfolio, Marriott currently does not have any existing locations in the safari market. Marriott has pushed for the development of as many lodges as possible from Driftwood. This brings in a huge amount power into the equation and takes our reach to new levels. With a rate of around 50% of their 155+ million loyalty members’ active at any given time, we can offer new possibilities for them. We are able to extend our brands of Great Expectations and Drift Free into the network of Marriott and take advantage of everything this can bring us

This would break into a new facet of the travel industry for Marriott, being driven by Driftwood Holdings through their brands of Great Expectations and Drift Free.

Our business model is crafted to ensure that we are a commercially sustainable, community and conservation driven company – ensuring that each of the three main aspects of our model is covered entirely – People, Profits and Preservation (of the environment).

The sites chosen for the lodges have been observed as being ranked as some of leading sites for safari and island lodges in the world.

Some of the sites secured include:

Current and Future Lodge Sites