Core Values – Conservation and Communities

Driftwood Holding’s core values are not simply to provide guests with unforgettable experiences – but to provide for the natural environment and communities who make those experiences possible. The result of our lodges’ work must ensure that these two see a better world and a better life, which ensures a better tomorrow for everyone…

Some of our initiatives include the following:

Lease Fees

An Example: at our lodge sites in the Masai Mara – the agreement is with the elders, who in turn look after family setups that consist of approx. 600 Masai people. All lease fees will go to them for distribution amongst the families.


Guests are given the option to help donate to any of Driftwood Lodge’s initiatives. By doing so, they are shown the impact that it makes and shown where their money goes. All donations given will go straight to the communities and initiatives, and will not lose any value along the way. All transactions and projects are transparent and open – to show that the funds go directly to where they need to go

Career Opportunities and Training

One of the opportunities we have been offered, by the local tribe, is to build a small hotel school just outside of the Masai Mara Reserve – as often lodges in the reserve are forced to recruit from other areas due to lack of skills. Apart from the employment of local staff, it is vital to empower more members of the community by providing training to extra staff members. In doing so we ensure that we have extra staff in the event of a necessity, but more importantly, we train more people the necessary skills for the hotel industry.

Anti-Poaching and Conservation Awareness

Units are deployed within the reserve to combat the illegal killing of wildlife, as well as to preserve our wildlife and offer sanctuaries for wildlife that are in need of rehabilitation or care. Anti-poaching education and awareness is also brought to local populations to promote the importance of conservation – in turn this aims to reduce poaching

Boreholes, Toilets, Clinics and Medical Volunteers

The healthcare of the local community is of paramount importance and various projects work to bring this to reality. Drilling boreholes bring fresh, clean drinking water, a basic human necessity as well as building toilets to improve sanitation and dignity. Clinics bring healthcare and medication to communities that do not have such facilities. Not only will clinics be built, but volunteer dentists, doctors and optometrists will bring the necessary skills to better the lives of the community members. 


Staff members who show promise will be given the opportunity to further their careers by studying a Hotel Management Diploma through our training provider’s hotel school in South Africa.

Schools and English Classes

Basic education, probably the most important factor that can help communities and their members advance, can be provided in the right environment. Classes are also given to those who would like to further themselves in the English language.

Pollution Control

Initiatives designed to prevent and clean up pollution. Such programs will include, for example, incentivising local fishermen to collect plastics from the oceans or local farmers to collect up trash and waste from the land