Drift Free

Drift free – Luxury-adventure lodges in unique locations. The new brand is aimed predominantly at the millennial clientele, who seeks an adventure added into their safari or
island experience.

Drift Free will adopt a franchise brand coupled to Marriott’s Autograph Collection.

The Autograph Collection brand chosen to be franchised with DriftFree is driven by the knowledge and vision to go beyond the commonplace, they handpick and celebrate the world’s most unique boutique hotels, and now lodges. Each one is chosen for its founder’s passion, the thoughtfulness of its design, its inherent craft, and its connection with the locale. Their aim is to showcase some of the most beautifully orchestrated hotel and lodge experiences the world has to offer.

Visionaries obsess about detail, work painstakingly hard to achieve perfection, and sacrifice everything to realise their vision. So, even the littlest of things are considered. They create hotels and lodges with a story. That have soul. You can feel the devotion in every sinew of the experience.

They believe that beauty without heart is meaningless. This is why their hotels and lodges bring a thoughtfulness and purpose to their design. In each of the chosen boutiques and lodges, these elements come together to tell the story of the hotel or lodge. The end result is design that not only looks good – but has a tactile and emotional satisfaction about it too.

Drift Free Site Locations

Drift Free Serengeti – Serengeti National Park
Drift Free Mobile Fly Camp – Serengeti National Park

Drift Free Double Crossing River – Masai Mara National Reserve

Drift Free Kafue – Kafue National Park


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