Marriott International

Marriott International is the world’s largest travel company, offering unmatched choice for guests and driving unrivalled value for owners. With their expansive portfolio of brands, dynamic sales and marketing platform, and a global scale that drives efficiencies, provides a clear competitive advantage. More 7 700 hotels in 131 countries with over 5 500 sales consultants and 20+ multi-cultural call centre operations across the globe in real time

Seize the Power of Marriott

Each Marriott International-branded hotel is supported by a robust world leading global distribution platform and an innovative sales and marketing network that delivers high-value guests through state-of-the-art technology, global negotiating power, and extensive shared services. Almost all tour/travel agents and on-line booking systems etc., who are involved in this industry globally, works with Marriott in one form or another

Driving Consumer Preference

An unprecedented combination of the industry’s three most recognized loyalty programs – Marriott Bonvoy – drives unparalleled guest loyalty. Their 147 million loyalty program members drive 50% of their total sold room nights, and they stay more and spend more at their hotels and lodges – as well as with affiliation agreements with partners such as the world’s major airlines. As big as Marriott is, they do not have a safari collection – hence the tie up with Driftwood Holdings

Cost Savings Generators

Their size and scale allow them to share costs and leverage market efficiencies through shared services, strong negotiated rates with intermediary partners and favourable credit card interchange rates.

Marriott’s position as the world’s largest travel company allows them to negotiate rates with online travel agencies (OTAs) and affiliate partners so they can deliver the most favourable OTA commission rates in the industry to owners.

Marriott’s comprehensive procurement strategy delivers high-quality products at the lowest possible prices, with the savings passed onto owners and franchisees. In addition to their negotiated pricing, they leverage significant volumes and strong supplier relationships to generate further cost efficiencies.

Pre-Opening Support

Hotels are provided with extensive pre-opening support across five different areas: Opening Operations, Sales + Marketing, Revenue Management, Platform Delivery, and Operations Delivery + Brand Activation. These five teams collaborate with ownership and Marriott’s Global Design team to provide guidance and assistance through the entire pre-opening process.  The Hotel Openings team, which supports each of Marriott’s 30 brands, has developed a detailed pre-opening process, comprised of key tasks, to prepare the hotel for opening day and ensure every hotel is set-up for success in the future. Marriott’s dynamic team utilizes their expertise in conjunction with the latest tools and technology to ensure a smooth and successful opening.