The Island Lodge Industry

The world is no stranger to luxury island lodges. TV shows and movies, showcasing this paradise, fill our minds with the image of a heaven on earth. Destinations such as Zanzibar, Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius and many others, make the island lifestyle attainable for many. They have proven to be successful Indian Ocean locations. Offering something that justifies the image dreamed by our brains.

But aside from the grand palm trees and powered beaches, surrounded by crystal water. The island lodge industry has become a major player in the world of hospitality. With many major destinations in the industry, it is clear that islands are abundant in the oceans of our planet. Each offering something unique from the other.

To focus in on one of these destinations and paint a picture of the success of an island destination, we look to Maldives. The island nation, famous for its private islands and lavish level of luxury, recorded almost 1,5 million visitors in the year 2018. An increase of almost
200 000 visitors on the previous year. Despite the number of resorts and island lodges, the cost of luxury is high. Luxury resorts start at $750 a night, a seaplane return transfers start at $400 per person and meals on resort islands can cost anything from $150 upwards per person.

Using the Maldives as the example; with over 100 luxury resorts in the archipelago, the level of occupancy and the rates that are charged, it does not take much imagination to understand the success of the island hospitality industry.

Driftwood Holdings is in the process of developing island lodges in the following locations